FQA's - Advertise a franchise for sale guide

How do I know it works? nzfranchises.co.nz (nzbizbuysell.co.nz) has been operating over 5 years, and is well versed in the marketing of New Zealand business and franchise opportunities online. With thousands of visitors every month our sites are extensively marketed to ensure they are the busiest, business for sale sites in New Zealand - read what some of our customers say. Check out our testimonials - for this very reason we are happy to offer our response guarantee! Our business is about getting you results.

I've already got some good leads, and want to see how the paper ads go first? There are a lot of lookers when it comes to franchises and businesses - it is thought that only around 10% will ever complete the deal. Don't limit your prospects to an interested few. It's important that you tease out the best from the TOTAL buyer pool, and continue advertising until your franchise has SOLD and gone UNCONDITIONAL; keeping the interest alive and pressure on ensures you get the best deal.

But I think I have a buyer? Too often business and franchise sales fall-over and both time and interest are lost. This places the seller in a difficult position of having to re-market the franchise - that for some reason the buyer didn't go through with. This can be costly through the loss of market interest and value, making it more difficult to find another buyer. Experienced professionals will continue the marketing and look to get a back-up offer; just in case, because they know it's NOT SOLD until the money is in the bank.

We haven't considered advertising on the internet?; How would you profile your buyer? If they are likely to be male 25 - 55 years of age, with money to buy a franchise or business - then they also fit the demographics of New Zealand's biggest internet user group. Finding your buyer today needs a multi pronged approach. By being online, your franchise is there all day every day, for two or more months, in front of buyers locally, nationally, and internationally. This is not just a one-shot print ad.

Today's buyers want information, and will use a number of gateways to find their ideal business - the internet is now often the most convenient way of doing this. (Interestingly you will find all of the more successful franchise brokers run all their listings online).

But I haven't got access to a computer. Just because you have no computer doesn't mean your buyer won't have one - (they usually will!). Selling your franchise is about connecting with the buyer! We can help you access computer and internet savvy buyers with ease, just fax or post in your ad, we'll do the rest, and provide you with details of how to view and access your ad.

I can't find nzfranchises.co on google? Research shows business and franchise buyers will usually search-using phrases like "franchises for sale" or "business for sale" - try one of these in google NZ (over 90% of NZ searches are done using google). Note search engines are but one channel used to access our sites, interestingly most of our traffic comes via other channels.

I'm in no rush... I'll think about it! If you're really interested in selling your franchise, then you will be interested in deploying similar strategies to those that are used by the professionals. The most successful Franchise Brokers, Accountants, and Franchise Operators will all be found advertising online. You’ve invested a lot of time and possibly money into your franchise - in selling you need to give it your best shot, and have a suitable marketing and advertising programme to get your best sale.

If you have any questions or would like advice on selling then phone Richard on: 03 337 0005

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is the wrong thing, and the worst thing to do is nothing." Theodore Roosevelt