Articles on Buying, Selling and Growing Franchises

Below are NZ franchise articles produced for our newsletters and website. They cover from a wide range of topics from starting a franchise, buying and selling a franchise, through to growing your franchise business. We hope you find them useful in buying or selling your NZ franchise, and in building a successful, enduring and profitable enterprise.


Franchise Article Groups

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  • Buying a Franchise Business

    Buying a Franchise

    Considering buying a franchise? Check out our articles on what you need to know before you buy a franchise business; be it a cafe, lawmowing, service or retail franchise opportunity. Be informed and choose the right franchise for you.

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  • Selling a Franchise Business

    Selling a Franchise

    Selling a franchise is the most popular ways to exit a franchise. Whatever your reason for selling; you'll want to know how to sell your franchise quick and for the best price, and how to ensure you have a franchise that will actually sell.

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  • Growing your franchise

    Growing your Franchise

    Growing your franchise business is important for your survival as to stand still can open you up to being passed by your competitors. Read more about how you can best increase your franchises customers, sales and profits.

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  • Franchise Legal and Employment issues

    Legal and Employment Issues

    Getting the franchise Legal and Employment aspects right are critical to the success of any franchise business. These articles cover employment, human resources, franchise contracts and operational matters. Find out more on about your legal and employment requirements when owning a franchise.

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