Selling a Franchise Business

Selling a franchise business is the most popular business franchise exit strategy for many franchise owners. There may be no successors who want to continue your franchise; or staff or partners that can or are interested in buying your franchise business. Whatever the reason; at some stage you will want to sell your franchise and ensure you get your best price and have a franchise that sells.

  • who will buy your franchise

    Who will buy your franchise business

    There are many types of prospective franchise buyers; they can be looking for an investment, a change of lifestyle, new immigrants into the country and those that have been made redundant or find themselves out of a job in middle age...

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  • Selling your franchise for a great price

    Selling your franchise for a great price

    There will come a time to sell your franchise business either to move on to your next opportunity or maybe to take a step towards retirement. Whenever that happens and for whatever reason, one thing’s for sure - you will want to get the best price possible...

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  • Marketing a franchise for sale

    The first step when planning a marketing strategy to sell your franchise is to consider who your likely buyer may be: Who is your franchise most likely to appeal to? What will they be looking for? What's important to them...

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