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When buying a franchise what business structure will you use? Your franchise business structure needs to be carefully planned and customised to your needs. You will also need to gain a good understanding of the NZ employment hiring process and consumer law that governs your franchise. In NZ your employees will be covered by the Employment Relations Act (2000) and other legislation, what will this mean for your franchise?

  • Understanding franchise agreements

    Franchise agreements - where are the hooks

    When buying a franchise you will be expected to sign a Franchise Agreement - but what will you be agreeing to? Vanessa Cathie a franchise specialist at Asco Legal, Auckland, explains. Franchising can seem like the safe option for budding entrepreneurs but it can also contain some pitfalls...

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  • Recruitment tips for franchisees

    Recruitment tips for franchisees

    Regardless of the success of the franchise you run, the success of your franchise business lies largely in your staff. Good staff are the backbone of any business, but finding the right people can be time consuming, frustrating and sometimes even fruitless...

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  • Franchising relies on strong relationships

    Franchising relies on strong relationships

    The cornerstone of a successful franchise relationship is a strong working relationship between the participants. When that relationship starts to break down a fast and effective co-operative dispute resolution is essential...

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