Growing a Franchise Business

Growing your franchise is important for the survival and economic well-being of your business. One way of growing a franchise is to expand your market and or get new customers. However, the customers you already have can be a better and more cost-effective option for increasing your immediate sales, as they are already buying from you. Another option is to acquire more business through business acquisition where you buy another franchise or competitor.

  • Be a franchisee success

    How to be a franchisee success

    Even with the security of a franchise system behind you, being a successful franchisee isn’t guaranteed. It takes a lot of hard work, a fair amount of skill and a big helping of the right attitude. Ensure your franchise will be the right fit for your skills and...

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  • Improve your franchise business using KPIs

    Improving your franchise business using KPIs

    Your business plan needs to be dynamic and you need to keep track your progress. The tools for this job are KPIs, or key performance indicators. Find out how they provide a way to measure the performance of your franchise...

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  • 5 resaons why some franchises fail

    5 resaons why some franchises fail

    No one sets out to fail, but the reality is a number of new franchises owners will. However, failure can be a great teacher and, if you are quick learner, you can act fast and ensure your franchise business survives and thrives. Here are five of the most common reasons...

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