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Growing your franchise is important for the survival and economic well-being of your business. One way of growing a franchise is to expand your market and or get new customers. However, the customers you already have can be a better and more cost-effective option for increasing your immediate sales, as they are already buying from you. Another option is to acquire more business through business acquisition where you buy another franchise or competitor.

  • Avoid franchise burnout

    How to avoid franchise owner burnout

    Avoid franchise burnout and stay in the race ! Working long hours when you're a newbie franchisee is far from unusual. While it’s admirable to be dedicated and passionate about your new franchise, work...

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  • export your business or franchise

    Exporting your business or franchise system

    More and more New Zealand franchisors and non-franchised business are investigating exporting their businesses in a franchised or licensed format into large attractive overseas markets. Overseas markets are attractive to l...

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  • franchise brand ambassadors

    Harnessing franchise brand ambassadors

    How to harness the power of your brand ambassadors There’s no doubt the right celebrity can make anything look sexy, and sexy boosts sales. David Beckham did it for H&M, Britney Spears did it for Pepsi, Nicole K...

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  • How your franchise business can learn from failure

    How your franchise business can learn from failure

    No one sets out to fail, but the reality is a number of new franchises owners will. However, failure can be a great teacher and, if you are quick learner, you can act fast and ensure your franchise business survives and thri...

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  • How to succeed as a franchisee

    Be a franchisee success

    How to succeed as a franchisee... and be a franchise success! Even with the security of a franchise system behind you, being a successful franchisee isn’t guaranteed. It takes a lot of hard work, a fair amount of ski...

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  • budget tips for franchisees

    Top budget tips for franchisees

    The two biggest financial hurdles for first-time franchisees are: 1. finding the capital to start, and 2. surviving the start-up years. Assuming you have found the capital to purchase a franchise, here are our top budget ti...

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  • business expansion by franchising

    Expand your business by franchising

    Are you planning an expansion strategy? Franchising can be a great way to upscale your business fast, but whether it’s the right strategy for you depends on the nature and state of your business and your own personal g...

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  • Improve your franchise business using KPIs

    Improve your franchise business using KPIs

    Using KPIs to improve the performance of your franchise Every franchise business should have a business plan and strategic goals. But it shouldn’t end there. Your business plan shouldn’t just sit on a shelf unt...

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  • How to make the most of your franchise business downtime

    How to make the most of business downtime

    All businesses, including franchise businesses, have downtime. Depending on what business you are in, it could be the winter months, it could be the Christmas period or could be spread at different times throughout the year...

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  • boosting your retail franchise sales

    Boosting your post Christmas retail franchise sales

    Boosting your retail franchise sales after the Christmas rush In the retail franchise sector, the holiday period is a real rush – it’s busy, challenging and exhausting. Each year, Christmas and Black Friday sales...

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  • How to get paid on time and keep cash flow positive

    How to get paid on time and keep cash flow positive

    Positive cash flow is critical for any franchise business to stay afloat. Even if business is good and sales are up, if you’re not getting paid on time, your business can quickly become unsustainable. "Best stay ...

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  • The importance of a great testimonial and review

    The importance of a great testimonial

    Word of mouth is a powerful thing. It’s more powerful than a double page spread and even a slot on primetime TV.   The difference between advertising and positive word of mouth is that the former comes fro...

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