How to avoid franchise owner burnout

Avoid franchise burnout

Avoid franchise burnout and stay in the race !

Working long hours when you're a newbie franchisee is far from unusual. While it’s admirable to be dedicated and passionate about your new franchise, working too hard can take its toll - both you and your business can suffer.

Despite the adrenaline rush and excitement of having your own business and being your own boss, running a franchise can become a repetitive process and working extra hours leaves little time to appreciate the joy of the ride.

The experts describe burnout as the mental and physical exhaustion experienced when the demands of work consistently exceed the amount of energy you have... and sadly it’s the scourge of the modern business environment.

Business burnout is experienced by many small business owners and one of the worst-case scenarios is chronic dissatisfaction with your business. Here we offer up some tips to help recharge your batteries and get back in the saddle.

Be realistic

It’s important not to drive yourself or your team too hard – everyone has their own speed limit and there is no point endlessly whipping the horse.

Use the system

One of the many advantages of the franchise system is that there is always support available – just make sure you use it. Processes and procedures will usually be well documented, which supports employee training and enquiries. It is also likely to cover how it operates when you need to take some time out and how to best delegate any necessary work.

Take breaks

Breaks throughout the day are essential. To perform your best during the day, you need regular mental energy refilling stops – rest up for 30 minutes, take a walk, go for a coffee or a run... do what it is that you enjoy but just take a break from what you are doing. Holidays are important too. You don’t need go during the peak holiday season if that’s a busy time for your franchise. Go when it suits you and your business.

Delegate more

Hire an assistant or use your current team in new ways. Let go, step back and decide what your time is best spent on. The people you delegate to will step up to the challenge and enjoy it too.

Tackle the hardest jobs when you are recharged

This is often when you first arrive on the job or in the office, or after one of your strategically placed mental breaks. Tackle your toughest challenges at those times, then you can cruise when your battery runs low.

Learn to switch-off

We are all guilty of carrying our office in our pockets – smart devices mean we have access to everything, all the time. According to the experts, this means we are both psychologically and physiologically still attached to the office and work. After hours, you need to learn to switch off! The world will wait.

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